Shanghai 30’s: Uncovering Oxford’s Best Kept Secret

Shanghai 30’s is a hidden gem in Oxford, and I can’t believe I’ve missed it all these years! As I finish my leisurely walks through Christ Church Meadows, along The Isis (The Thames), and onto St. Aldates, I realize that Shanghai 30’s has been right across the street from the gates of Christ Church College all along.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of dining at Shanghai 30’s with my brother, his wife, and my niece, who are all lovers of Chinese cuisine. To say that it exceeded our expectations is an understatement. This restaurant has earned a well-deserved Michelin recommendation, and its food is simply delicious.

What truly sets Shanghai 30’s apart is its enchanting setting—a 15th-century Oxford house that was once the residence of a bishop. Stepping inside feels like entering a scene from a bygone era, evoking images of Lord Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder from ‘Brideshead Revisited.’ It’s a place filled with charm and character that adds a touch of magic to the dining experience.

If you’re in Oxford and craving Chinese food, I wholeheartedly recommend Shanghai 30’s. Prepare to be delighted by their culinary expertise and transported to a different time and place. It’s an experience that combines excellent cuisine with the rich history of this remarkable city.

January 2023 update – Sadly now closed