Don Baker, a fans perspective

Don Baker and the band are delighted to have the opportunity to help the Celbridge Special Olympics Committee raise funds. Celbridge, Co. Kildare is one of the many Irish host towns. For more information on the Special Olympics in Ireland visit

I received this excellent email from, which more or less says it all.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Don Baker posters going up around the town. I phoned the GAA twice to make sure the concert was really happening.

I gathered up a possé of friends, we bought a fist full of tickets and hired a bus. We arrived at the door of the GAA on the appointed night at 8 O’Clock, nearly two hours before kick off.

We got the best seats in the house, right beside the visiting Scottish who were over for the Rugby weekend. The Scottish couldn’t believe their luck either having managed to get the last lot of tickets just an hour earlier. They had heard of Don Baker on their regular Rugby trips to Dublin but up till now hadn’t managed to track him down at a concert.

The GAA hall was packed by 9, probably about 700 people jammed into the room. The atmosphere was electric. Don didn’t keep us waiting. He took to the stage spot on 10 O’clock. He started with “Mama” my favourite song from his last album, followed by “Chains” and the absolutely rockin’ “Funky Duck” which he explained was written by the great Charlie McCoy. You could hear a pin drop in the room, total silence when Don played “Amazing Grace” on the harmonica, the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard. He followed this with “Miss You”, which he told us was about a young 25 year old friend of his who tragically died in a boating accident while on holiday. He sang another favourite of mine his no. 1 hit “The Winner in You” which he dedicated to all the Special Olympics athletes, then “Runnin from Freedom”, and so many more it’s all a blur.

The rockin’ really got going with the “Stone Fox Chase”, Don just kept taking it up and up and up, then he introduced the band for their solos; the piano player Johnny, started with a amazing funky organ solo. Next up was the lead guitarist Gerry, he shook the hall with a wall of sound. Then Eric played a deep hypnotic and dirty rhythm on his bass. Finally the drummer Kevin changed beat and style constantly nearly wreaking his drums in the process, he loves what he does and so did the captivated audience.

As for “Don’s Train”, the band left the stage, Don was alone in the spotlight doing what he does best and obviously loves, “blowing the harp”. I don’t know where his energy comes from but he took off on that train and brought us with him on an amazing harmonica ride. With the last note the train pulled into the station and the audience erupted into thundering applause which lasted well over 5 minutes.

Three hours of amazing music later, my feet were sore from dancing, my hands were red and stung from clapping, my voice was hoarse, but I am a happy man. This concert is written indelibly in my mind as one of the greatest concerts I have ever witnessed. Thank you Don.”

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