Fast-tracking the development of Tobermaclugg Park

South Dublin County Council and the Adamstown development recently opened Airlie Park to the public. This is a fantastic amenity for the local community in Adamstown.

However, I have been contacted by a good number of residents in Shackleton, Hallwell and adjoining areas in relation to the timeline for the development and opening of Tobermaclugg Park, which will connect with the open space at Airlie Heights; and will include landscaping along Tobermaclugg stream and play areas.

Development of this park would provide a short, convenient and safe pedestrian and cycle route from Shackleton and Hallwell to Scoil Mhuire and to Lucan United. I know many local residents and parents will be keen to see the provision of this direct route as soon as possible.

Planning permission was approved for this new park in 2020. However, under the Adamstown SDZ planning scheme, the park does not need to be delivered until phase 9 of the Adamstown masterplan. As we are only currently in phase 6, this means that the developer could hold off commencing work on the park until another 2,500 homes are developed across Adamstown.

Given that planning permission has already been granted, I believe there is a strong rationale to fast-track the development of Tobermaclugg Park.

If elected to South Dublin County Council I will prioritise efforts to bring forward the development of this important amenity.