More on Good Deeds

I’ve decided it’s the pleasure I get when a simple thing I do makes such a difference to another person’s life. A lady phoned me this morning to say that she was so upset last night when she realised she’d walked away from the ATM machine without taking the cash. She only realised she had no money when paying for her purchases she realised she had no cash and had to put the lot on her credit card.

Sadly, she said her first thought and action last night was not to ask if anyone had handed in the cash because she thought that scenario very unlikely. Then this morning, as she was in the shopping centre, she thought she would just enquire at Customer Services. Imagine her surpise to find that the money was in an envelope waiting for her. She was so delighted, and thanked me very much. She expressed how honest she thought I was and how much of a difference it made for her not to have lost the money. I said, “sure it was nothing, it was’t my money anyway”. She also said it had cheered up her day. Me too. Nice feeling all day. I suppose that’s what the Hindu’s call good Karma. It remains to be seen what St. Peter thinks, when I eventually meet him.