Digital Photography course @ The Gallery of Photography Temple Bar

I love taking photo’s, mostly at gigs. I always want to capture the vibe. All my photography efforts are gut instinct or trial and error. This is quite frustrating because I can see the image in my head but can’t always get it on the camera. I suppose I could just read the camera manual. Never. I decided as it’s a long time since I went on a course that didn’t have anything to do with work I thought that I’d try one of the photography courses at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar.

It is such a long time since I enjoyed a course as much as this. What a good move. I really didn’t expect it to be such fun, but I should have known. The course this morning was excellent mainly due to the tutor who is very passionate and knowledgeable about photography. We did some theory about Aperture Settings, Shutter Speed and ISO Speed. Then we went out into Meeting House Square to try out the theory and take some Depth of Field shots in Temple Bar Food Market. The Market takes place every Saturday morning and there is plenty of colour and activity about the place. Today was a lovely day, for a change in Ireland, so I got a nice shot. Only one ! I deleted all the others, they were a bit rubbish! Then we adjourned back to the Gallery of Photography where the tutor showed us some images and we discussed what we thought of them and how they might have been taken. All in all, a really good morning.

By the way, the vegetable pies in my picture are as delicious to eat as they look, and they are organic.

I adjourned to Bar Pintxo after the course for excellent tapas, more about that another time.