A day out Volunteering at the Lucan Festival

Hello, festival and volunteer enthusiasts! Here’s a quick flavour of what it’s like to volunteer in Lucan – a day filled with community spirit, a sprinkle of rain (actually the Atlantic poured down on us 🙂 ), and mouth watering spiral potato chips! Our day began on a sunny morning as we set out for the Lucan Festival. We met up at Ryan’s Village Cafe for breakfast. Optimism aplenty and sunscreen in hand, our volunteer team was all set to lend a helping hand, work hard, and enjoy the festival.

Sanjeeb Barik, brother and sister Peter and Caroline Brady, and Ronan Smith at the Lucan Festival

Our first task was quite the spectacle: erecting barriers to close off roads in the village. It felt a bit like assembling a giant puzzle, except this puzzle was more about road closures than matching pieces. With teamwork that could rival any festival lineup, we created a clear path for the festival’s festivities to unfold.

Under the watchful eyes and with the support of the GardaĂ­ to direct motorists towards alternative routes, it was a smooth operation. We were also determined to ensure that bus users found their way to the nearest diverted bus stops. We helped quite a few people find their way to Blanchardstown which was the most asked about destination that morning, sadly a lot of people on their way to visit loved ones in Blanchardstown Hospital.

Peter Brady helping with traffic control

Just when we thought our day couldn’t get any better, the Atlantic decided to join the festivities and proceeded to pour down on top of us. But did it dampen our spirits? Absolutely not! We embraced the moment, dancing and singing in the rain, although I did land in a gutter, wearing sandals and got completely soaked.

Ah well, it’s Irish weather and I’m well used to it! I was geared up for Irish weather like a pro! Remember there is no such thing as bad weather when you are out and about only bad gear 🤣🌦️😎🌂 I had my sunglasses to shield the eyes from the surprise Irish sunshine 😎, my trusty Rieker sandals for those unpredictable beach moments 🏖️ NOT! My hat, bought in San Juan de Alicante years ago which is great for the actual Sunshine but today used to keep my hair from becoming a wind-blown masterpiece 🎩, didn’t really work! And not forgetting the trusty umbrella for that unexpected rain dance! ☔That’s me staying prepared and stylish, Irish style! Picture thanks to Peter Brady who captured the scene in amongst the sunshine and showers.

We had a chance to take a few breaks, first we had our lunch in Kenny’s of Lucan. Excellent food as always. Then it was time to savour the festival’s atmosphere. The Lucan Festival was alive with the soul-stirring sounds of talented bands at the battle of the bands stage. Fantastic music. As for the food stalls they were a paradise for the taste buds! The undisputed star of the show being the spiral potato chips—crispy, curly, and utterly irresistible. We had to go back three times, the queues were so long, but in the end we got some potato chips.

The sun came out in bits and pieces, and it was a little bit of a soft day in parts, but none of that affected the festival and everyone had a fantastic time.

Volunteering at the Lucan Festival wasn’t just about tasks and to-dos; it was about being part of the vibrant community in Lucan, contributing our efforts, and forming connections with fellow festival-goers.

So, if you ever have the chance to volunteer at a local festival, seize the opportunity. It’s a chance to be part of something wonderful, come rain or shine. And don’t forget to treat yourself to those delectable spiral potato chips, if you see them around—they’re a festival delicacy worth savouring! 🌞🎵🍟