The Crossings at Adamstown: Ireland’s first new town since Shannon in the 1960s

West Dublin’s Adamstown development marks a significant milestone in Ireland’s urban landscape—it is the first new town since Shannon was built in the 1960s. It’s a massive transformation from the sprawling fields of Airlie Stud into an Urban centre.

Both my grandfathers and my uncles on my Mam’s side worked in Airlie Stud. They loved working outdoors and had a deep affinity for horses. They had an uncanny ability to calm even the most spirited of stallions, they were definitely horse whisperers. Sadly I didn’t inherit that skill. But I love horses, and I remember I must have been very young at the time when, taking one of the horses out for a run around the Dodsboro Field, I attempted to jump the hedge. I almost made it but the horse didn’t like it! He threw me right into the hedge. I was a bit startled, bruised, and shaken. Grandad Brady ran over, scooped me up, checked I had nothing broken, brushed the dirt off my clothes, and without a second thought, placed me right back on the horse. I learned a lesson that day—one that has stayed with me throughout my life; when you fall, dust yourself off, and carry on. This has undoubtedly shaped my approach to life. The image below is of my Grandad Brady, I think taken around the 50’s. He’s very tall, I didn’t inherit that gene either.

The Crossings at Adamstown isn’t just another residential development—it’s a testament to thoughtful planning and a commitment to creating a balanced, modern living environment. The picturesque housing options provide not only comfort but also a sense of belonging. Each house is a story waiting to be written, and this new town offers a canvas upon which new memories will be painted. Most important, an opportunity to create a HOME.

One of the standout features of The Crossings is its accessibility. With a train station located nearby residents have seamless access to transportation. And that’s not all—the town square ensures that you’re never far from the amenities you need. Whether it’s shopping, dining, or recreational activities, you’ll find it all right here. The Crossings at Adamstown is more than just residential space—it’s a vision for a flourishing community. Looking ahead, exciting developments are planned; the construction of a library and an enterprise centre, which will further enrich the lives of those who call Adamstown home.

Today, we celebrated the official opening of this remarkable development, congratulations to Quintain and Elliott Group for their efforts in bringing this vision to life. Their dedication to creating a thriving community is evident in the design of every corner of The Crossings.

The Crossings at Adamstown isn’t just a new town; it’s a symbol of Ireland’s progress and an embodiment of what can be achieved when vision, commitment, and community come together.