Fair Deal Scheme

What is the Fair Deal?

The Nursing Home Support Scheme, commonly referred to as the Fair Deal, is a program in Ireland designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who require long-term residential care in nursing homes. Introduced in 2009, this scheme aims to ensure that the cost of care does not become an overwhelming burden for families and individuals.

Under the Fair Deal, individuals contribute towards the cost of their care based on their means, while the Health Service Executive (HSE) covers the remaining expenses. The financial assessment process takes into account the individual’s income, assets, and property.

To determine eligibility for the Fair Deal, individuals must undergo a care needs assessment to establish the level of care required. Financial assessments are then conducted to determine the individual’s ability to contribute towards the cost of care. The scheme ensures that no individual is denied access to long-term residential care based on their financial circumstances.

How can I estimate what relief I may be eligible for?

I’ve created a spreadsheet to help you understand what is assessed and how the calculation works so that you can understand what your contribution towards nursing home costs may be. Please note that this is a worked example and your contributions will depend on your income and assets i.e. your specific circumstances. Before making any financial decisions please ensure you consult a financial expert.

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What are the implications of renting your principal residence?

If you own your home and you wish to rent it to a tenant, note that the government reduced the assessment rate for rental income of a principal residence from 80% to 40%, i.e. you keep 60%, this is aimed at removing disincentives to rent out your home. To apply for the relief:

  1. Fill out this form Nursing Homes Support Scheme Principal private residence rental income application form available from the HSE at https://assets.hse.ie/media/documents/Principal_Private_Residence_Rental_Income_application_form.pdf
  2. Plus you will need a copy of the following documents:
    • A copy of The Residential Tenancies Board Registration Approval Letter (the Principal Residence must be registered with the RTB, unless there is an exemption. See list of exemptions on www.rtb.ie)
    • The Rental Agreement showing commencement date and rental amount.
    • The latest Notice of Assessment from Revenue if applicable

For South Dublin (see the form for contact info for other counties), send the application form and the documents to:
Dublin South, Wicklow and Kildare HSE Nursing Home
Support Office, 2nd Floor Beech House, 101-102 Naas
Business Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91RC85.
Tel: 045 920 000
Email: naas.nhss@hse.ie

The future of the Fair Deal scheme

It is important to note that the Fair Deal scheme is subject to regular review and evaluation to ensure its effectiveness. The government is committed to continuously improving the scheme to meet the evolving needs of individuals requiring long-term care. Overall, the Nursing Home Support Scheme, or Fair Deal, plays a vital role in providing financial assistance and ensuring access to quality care for individuals in nursing homes. It offers peace of mind to families and alleviates the financial burden associated with long-term residential care, allowing individuals to receive the support they need while maintaining their dignity and quality of life.