Wake Up, anatomy of a song

7pm we are in the middle of a setup and sound check for doors open at 8pm.

pic Eric Coates, “it would sound better slower Don”

Don did a live Radio interview and performance this morning with Newstalk 106 during which he put new strings on his acoustic guitar. The guitar is now not staying in tune and while he is waiting to sound check, Don is using the time to break in the new strings. He has been playing the same riff over and over on his guitar and singing away to himself. It sounds really cool. I haven’t heard this tune before and I don’t recognise the lyrics. I’m guessing this is something new. Eric joins in on Bass and thinks the groove is better slightly slower.

pic Don Baker, it goes like this Eric

The rest of the band and the sound engineer are busy line checking and fixing gear on stage. Kevin’s bass drum is booming out into the theatre and Peter is warming up by playing “Never Let you Down” on the piano.

Don and Eric are oblivious to the activity around them. Don is in full swing and totally focused on the song. He explains to Eric what he has in mind for the middle eight and then takes “Wake Up” from the top:

“I’m tryin’ to wake up to reality
Face the truth take a look at me
I lie to myself I do it all the time
Lord I’m asking you to help me one more time”

pic Don Baker, now we’ve got it

Richard, the Sound Engineer, interrupts, he is ready for Don and Eric to sound check. That puts a stop to the private session on stage and we get back to the business in hand; tonight’s concert at St. John’s Theatre.

Don says the song is essentially finished but he wants to work on it a bit more plus he needs to go through it with the rest of the band. He expects he will start gigging “Wake Up” over the next few weeks.

“Wake Up” emerged in St. John’s Theatre, Listowel at 7pm on Thursday 18th July 2002.

© Wake Up lyrics are copyright and publishing Don Baker and Campbell Connelly 2002.

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