New Years Resolutions

New Year Resolutions – I don’t do!

For the last week I’ve been surrounded by people making lists of all kinds. Basically, the lists may be sumarised as follows: Spend more time with Family and Friends, Lose Weight, Take up a new activity, Learn a new skill, Reduce Debt, etc. etc. etc. Over the years I’ve noticed that there is a burst of activity under these headings in the first few weeks of the New Year and not even a tapering off but a sudden halt by the end of January.

When I was a child, about eight, I remember my parents encouraging me one year to make a resolution, so I resolved to do my homework immediately I came in from school. Ha, as you’ve no doubt guessed that resolution lasted less than a week. Actually, in truth, I think it lasted one day!. During that week I realised the total futility of New Year resolutions and resolved there and then never to make another. I’ve happily succeed in keeping that resolution now for years. What success. I’ve never spent February feeling depressed and an utter failure and I’ve never spent December 31 agonising over lists. I highly recommend that this week you consider making the same resolution. Let’s start a trend!

Just because I don’t make New Year resolutions, doesn’t mean I don’t change things in my life. I just randomly decide to make a change whenever I feel like it. I generally find this a successful strategy.