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The Bankers Bar
Trinity Street,
Dublin 2.
Phone: +353 (0)1 6793697 

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Book in advance to avoid disappointment. The Bankers is a small, intimate venue seating approx 50 people. During the week The Bankers is a lovely pub for a quiet drink and maybe some food, at weekends it attracts a good crowd of friendly people out to have fun. 


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In Ireland we have a great saying when referring to an event which proved more than enjoyable i.e. "the craic was ninety". Craic is pronounced "crack" and it has nothing to do with illegal drugs, it means having so much fun you are high on life. Craic always involves a combination of drinking, music, laughter and banter. Well I would have to say "the craic was ninety" last Saturday night in The Bankers. 

Saturday night is Stand Up night @ The Bankers, ably hosted by MC Danny Kehoe who certainly knows how to warm up an audience. Before the first comedian came on stage, everyone in the audience knew where everyone else hailed from; Dublin, Cork, Wicklow, Navan, Sydney, California, Cape Town, Oslo, Amsterdam; a right international mix. Unfortunately, I was sitting in the front row and so participated in Danny's warm up by pretending to be an enthused American - a job I acquited with some glee and abandon, if somewhat understated as it is practically impossible to be that enthused and still in your right mind. 

The comedians who then took to the stage were Bernard O’Shea, Tommy Nicholson, Colm O’Regan, and Sharon Mannion. I laughed so much - I hurt and could hardly talk until the next day. These four are fine comedians working away at finely honing their craft. They made Stand Up look absolutely effortless, which of course I'm guessing it is not. I particularly enjoyed Sharon's spot, she did a very simple, highly perceptive and hugely funny take on the difference between what goes on in the minds of Men & Women. 

Research has shown that laughter has many benefits from relieving stress to strengthening the the immune system, well my health improved ten fold Saturday night. So, do yourself a favour and get down to The Bankers on Saturday night. 

I highly recommend Stand Up @ The Bankers, don't miss it, it will do your heart good. 

by Caroline Brady out & about in Dublin, Ireland's Capital City Saturday 2nd February 2008

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Well you know they (Scientists) now say that Laughter is good for your heart. Well 3000 years ago King Solomon already knew that "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones" (Proverbs 17:22). So get yourself down to the Bankers on Saturday night for the Comedy Club.

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