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Author: carrie Created: 09 July 2008
From Dublin Ireland, a blog on Life, the Universe, and Everything ... perhaps a little short of 42 !

By carrie on 09 August 2008

The M50 is a Motorway (yeah right) and partial ring road around Dublin. It feels like shortly after we finished building the dreaded thing, it became a construction site again and that we will never see the end of the upgrades. That alone causes chaos on an average working day, now add rain, not ordinary rain but relentless Irish rain.

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By carrie on 02 August 2008

Tom Waits live @ The Ratcellar, The Phoenix Park, Dublin Wednesday 30th, Thursday 31st and Friday 1st August. ok, ok, I went to all three concerts. I know I was in Paris too, but it was preordained, a higher authority than me decreed that I would go. I'm not going to make any excuses, I love his music and I'm obsessed ... what more can I say. The first album I ever bought with my hard earned cash (picking up bottles and generally cleaning out the local cinema as a child) was "Closing Time". I still have the album, on vinyl, a little scratchy, but a treasured possession nonetheless.

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By carrie on 26 July 2008

 I've finally arrived in Paris from Lille. I'm visiting my brother who lives and works in France. I was supposed to be in France visiting during the May Irish Bank Holiday, but I cancelled that trip because Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds were performing live at Dublin Castle. I reorganised the dates, booked the trip months ago and got zero cent Ryanair flights into Beauvais. All good then.

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By carrie on 09 July 2008

It's been a very long time since I used public transport for my travel arrangements, apart from the plane of course. So, today I had a business meeting in Cork city which is approximately 250 kilometres, and on a good day three and a half hours, from Dublin .... on a bad day, four to five hours. So I thought, "why not use the train"? Two hours and forty minutes from Dublin Hueston to Cork City by rail, an opportunity to sit back and get work done instead of being stuck in traffic for hours. Another important consideration, using the train is an opportunity to reduce my carbon footprint.

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By carrie on 24 June 2008

This morning dawned bright and sunny, unfortunately the good cheer was not destined to last and my morning descended sharply into depression along with the rest of the country.

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