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By carrie on 14 November 2008

I've decided it's the pleasure I get when a simple thing I do makes such a difference to another person's life. A lady phoned me this morning to say that she was so upset last night when she realised she'd walked away from the ATM machine without taking the cash. She only realised she had no money when paying for her purchases she realised she had no cash and had to put the lot on her credit card.

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By carrie on 13 November 2008

Today, I had the opportunity to perform two goods deeds.

The first good deed was really simple and took hardly any time, so I'm not sure if it actually qualifies as a good deed. I was in Superquinn Shopping Centre having my glasses adjusted and when I came out of the Opticians office a gentleman, with a lovely Cork accent, approached me and asked if there was a taxi rank in the centre. I told him he hadn't a chance in hell of getting a taxi and that the nearest rank was about 20 minutes walk away in the village. He told me he had been in a meeting in the centre and didn't think to organise a taxi.

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